Our Company

Our vision is to build a business that delivers value for employers, employees and enables us to have a positive impact on the Cornish ecosystem through our partnerships​.

At Healthappy...

...our brand values are deeply rooted in the belief that every individual has the potential to feel their best and perform at their peak. We understand that personal well being and professional success are intrinsically linked, and we strive to empower individuals to unlock their fullest potential.

Central to our mission is a commitment to fostering an environment of support, growth, and inclusivity. True well being encompasses more than just physical health—it's about nurturing the mind, body, and soul in harmony with the world around us. That's why we place a strong emphasis on the interconnectedness of mental well-being, physical health, environmental and social impact, and diet and nutrition in our approach to helping individuals be the best they can be.

Our Values

Making a difference

We want everyone to succeed and be the best version of themselves.


We foster inclusivity by ensuring that its health and wellness resources are accessible to individuals of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses, promoting equal opportunity for all users to improve their well being.

Advocates of wellbeing

We actively promote holistic wellbeing by providing comprehensive resources and tools for physical, mental, and emotional health, empowering users to prioritise their overall wellness.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

We are committed to environmental sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices into its operations and promoting awareness of the impact of lifestyle choices on the environment.

Culture of continuous improvement and innovation

We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation by regularly seeking feedback from users and stakeholders, embracing new technologies and methodologies to enhance its products and services.

Transparent and honest

We openly communicate updates, changes, and improvements to its platform, ensuring users are informed every step of the way.

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Latest News

Fantastic App

A fantastic app that encompasses all the essential pillars of health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for advice, motivation, or inspiration, Healthappy covers everything you need and more from diet & nutrition to mental well-being, physical health and environmental impact!

Emily Mouskides London

Easy to use

The Healthhappy app is a fantastic platform which has such a vast range of activities and recommendations on how to improve your overall wellbeing. Ranging from mental health to physical health to healthy recipes that are all so easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. There are many great recipes, catering for all different dietary requirements, so there’s something in there for everyone! I love how easy the app is to navigate, and the concept of earning points makes it so easy to motivate yourself. I absolutely adore working alongside with a team that really cares about their users.

Marlee Ward The Lazy Low Fodmap.


As a counselling therapist, I am really impressed not only with the simplicity and user friendliness of the Healthappy App but also the combined impact each section contributes to building and sustaining positive mental health. It offers a much more joined-up, holistic yet practical approach to looking after ourselves, others and our environment. I would thoroughly recommend the app to anyone wanting to make mental health care part of their daily routine.

Andy Clare Saffron Walden, Essex


I just wanted to get back to you to say how impressed I am with Healthappy App. I took a initial look a few weeks back and actively set about exploring it this morning! It is full of so much quality information, activities and reliable signposting too! I especially love that there are a mixture of articles within each section, it is truly good to see an app that caters for a wider demographic of people than just the generic stereotype some apps feel like they have-it is really refreshing, and there is plenty to browse and try out that are achievable as opposed to huge daunting tasks/exercises!

Lizzy Farmer Northampton