Healthappy Unveils New Website to Promote Corporate Wellness

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, designed to enhance accessibility and engagement for organisations seeking to prioritise health and happiness of their employees in the workplace.

We are dedicated to revolutionising the way corporations approach employee well being by offering comprehensive solutions and resources tailored to foster a culture of wellness. With a focus on holistic approaches encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health, We aim to empower organisations to create environments where employees can thrive both personally and professionally. Not only this but we also provide diet and nutrition support along with a focus on environmental and social impact.

“Our new website represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to promoting corporate wellness,” said Becky Verity, Co-founder, and Director of Healthappy. “We are excited to provide a user-friendly platform that not only showcases our range of services but also reflects our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.’

The newly launched website features a sleek and intuitive design, allowing visitors to easily navigate through informative content. Healthappy offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations seeking to prioritise employee health and happiness.


“We are incredibly grateful to Cape Creative for their exceptional expertise and dedication in bringing our vision for the website to life,” expressed Emily-Louise Bowden Head of Marketing at Healthappy. “Their collaborative efforts, alongside our internal team, have resulted in a platform that truly reflects our mission and values.”

As organisations increasingly recognise the importance of investing in employee well-being, we remain committed to serving as a trusted partner in promoting holistic wellness strategies. By leveraging innovative technologies and evidence-based practices, Healthappy strives to empower corporations to cultivate environments where employees can thrive, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, morale, and overall success.


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